Special Research Bureau
for Automation of Marine Researches
Russian Academy of Sciences
Russian (CIS)
К.ф.-м.н. Зайцев А. И. включен в Реестр экспертов РАН

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Заведующий лабораторией вычислительной гидромеханики и океанографии к.ф.-м.н. Зайцев Андрей Иванович включен в Реестр экспертов Российской академии наук в соответствии с распоряжением Президиума РАН от 27.07.2016 № 10108-509.
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SRB ARM today

Special Research Bureau for Automation of Marine Researches, Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (SRB AMR) was organized July 1, 1978 as the SRB USSR Academy of Sciences on the basis of existing SRB marine seismic acoustic instruments and hydroacoustic department of the Sakhalin Complex scientific Research Institute (now Institute of marine Geology and Geophysics FEB RAS). The first chief and chief designer Yuri S. Belavin, together with well-known scientists - hydroacousticians: V.A.Apanasenko, Yu.S.Shumilov, B.F.Kuryanov made ​​an enormous contribution to the organization, construction and equipping of scientific equipment and modern technology for the pilot production

Currently SRB AMR includes a research and design departments, development and experimental manufactures, hydrophysical stations on the island of Iturup. This allows for a full range of research and development activities, including the manufacture and testing of new models of special naval equipment and automated systems for the collection of telemetry data on the state of the sea and the atmosphere.

The main purpose of SRB AMR is to carry out of research and design work in the field of marine instrument for economic development of the country and the ocean researches.

The main scientific directions SRB AMR are:

  • fundamental and applied research in oceanography;
  • hydroacoustic study, hydrophysical and hydrodynamic processes, interactions between the atmosphere and ocean, marine hazards and safety of navigation.


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