Collective Usage Centre “Design Bureau for Marine Research Automation Tools”

The main measuring and auxiliary facilities of the Center are DB MRAT
– Deep-sea bottom automatic stations operating in a long-term autonomous mode for carrying out acoustic, hydrophysical and seismic studies in any areas of the World Ocean.
– Automated systems for testing the methods of hydroacoustic interferometry, solving problems of ocean diagnostics and dynamic parameters of the aquatic environment.
– Cable multiparameter bottom stations for year-round studies of hydroacoustic fields, tidal currents, underwater turbulence, surface waves, ice conditions and noise of natural and technogenic origin.
– Towed automated systems for hydrochemical measurements of radionuclides.
– Cable submarine complexes and onshore processing stations for detection by hydrophysical precursors of destructive waves – tsunami.
– Groups of deepwater stations for fixing earthquakes in seismically active marine areas of the Far East.
– Technical facilities for the organization of a hydroacoustic range with a length of up to 340 km (Sakhalin Island – Iturup Island) for testing the methods and algorithms of sonar tomography.
– Radio-telemetry system consisting of a set of hydroacoustic buoys and a transmitting system for searching oil and gas deposits by the method of broken waves.

Laboratories of SDB MRAT
– Laboratory of Computational Hydromechanics and Oceanography of SDB MRAT FEB RAS
– Laboratory of Hydrophysics
– Laboratory of navigation and geodetic support of hydroacoustic monitoring equipment
– Laboratory of Information and Measuring Systems

Experimental production unit
Experimental production unit of SDB MRAT performs a full range of works on the production of models and prototypes of products. The total area of it is 8000 sq.m.
The production includes the following sections: metalworking (screw-cutting lathes: 16K20, 16K205 16B1KP, 1N988, GS526U MPC, 1525F1; Milling machines: 6P10, 6M82, PI73005, 6725V; Shlinking: 3A-110, 3G-71), welding section, shop galvanic treatment of titanium and aluminum alloys (MAO – microarc oxidation), plumbing and assembly site, a section of marine structural plastics, sealants and polyurethanes.
Production halls and test equipment are located in a separate building with their own power supply system, storage facilities and access roads. Presence of highly qualified specialists, machine tools of high accuracy ensures reliability and high quality of marine equipment created in SDB MRAT.

Subdivision of metrological support of R & D
The main task of the department of metrological support of SDB MRAT FEB RAS is to ensure the unity and required accuracy of measurements, tests and control in the development, manufacture, testing and quality control of products.

Research stationary sites with infrastructure and communications
– The Cape Svobodny stationary site (the South-Eastern coast of Sakhalin Island)
– The stationary site “Tunaicha” (the south-eastern coast of Sakhalin Island on the shore of the lagoon lake Tunaicha).
– Stationary site “Iturup” (Kuril Islands, Iturup Island).
– Stationary site “Lake Ptichye “(Southeast coast of Sakhalin Island)

Download documentation for measuring equipment of SDB MRAT FEB RAS (cuc.docx)