Employees of SDB MRAT FEB RAS took a leading part in the development of the NAMI-DANCE software complex, which solves the “shallow water” equations both on the plane and on the sphere, taking into account the real topography of the bottom and coastline, as well as the Earth rotation and bottom friction effects. This package was developed jointly with specialists from Turkey (A.Yalciner), Japan (F.Imamura), and the USA (C. Synolakis) and meets international standards. Recommended by UNESCO for tsunami calculations.

NAMI-DANCE has been successful in modeling many historical events: the tsunami of 1867 in the Caribbean Islands (Zahibo et al, 2003), the Chilean tsunami of 1960 and 2010 (Zaitsev et al., 2010), the tsunami of 1939 and 1966 in the Black Sea (Yalciner et al, 2004), the tsunami of 1597 and 1806 on the Volga (Didenkulova et al., 2003, 2007), the 2004 Indonesian tsunami (Zaitsev et al., 2005), the 2007 Nevelsk tsunami (Zaitsev et al., 2008, 2009), Japanese of 2011 (Yalciner et al, 2011). The numerical calculations were compared with the available observational data.