• Development of deep-sea bottom automatic stations (GDAS) operating in the long-term autonomous mode for conducting acoustic, hydrophysical and seismic studies in any areas of the World Ocean.
  • Development of automated systems – a group of spatially separated synchronous working GDAS for testing methods of hydroacoustic interferometry to solve problems of diagnosing the ocean and dynamic parameters of the aquatic environment.
  • Development of cable multi-parameter bottom stations for year-round studies of the stability of the propagation of hydroacoustic waves, tidal currents, seasonal conditions, underwater turbulence, surface waves, ice conditions and man-made noise.
  • Creation of towed automated systems for hydrochemical measurements of radionuclides.
  • Development of cable subsea and onshore processing points for the detection of destructive waves – tsunamis by hydrophysical precursors.
  • Development and manufacture of a group of deep-water stations for earthquake fixation in seismically active marine areas of the Far East.
  • Creation of technical means for organizing a hydroacoustic route with a length of 340 km (Sakhalin Island – Iturup Island), on which the elements of hydroacoustic tomography should be tested.
  • Development and production of a radio telemetry system consisting of the method of broken waves.