The main activity of the laboratory is three areas of work:

  1. Development of software for numerical modeling of long waves
    The NAMI-DANCE program for calculating tsunami waves was developed jointly with Professor Yalciner (Turkey) and Professor Imamura (Japan). This package performed well in numerous benchmark tests and was recommended by UNESCO for tsunami modeling. Head of the Laboratory of VGIO А.I. Zaitsev in 2005-2006 was an instructor in special courses on tsunami modeling organized by the International Tsunami and UNESCO Center in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Belgium (Oostende).

    NAMI-DANCE was repeatedly used to model the historical events of the tsunami. It also makes it possible to calculate the effect of a tsunami wave on structures, which makes it possible to take into account not only the wave height, but also its power characteristics, when assessing the tsunami of the risk.

  2. Carrying out in-situ measurements in the coastal zone Since 2009, the Special Research Bureau for Automation of Marine Researches, Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences has been carrying out continuous measurements of sea-level fluctuations near the South Shores of Sakhalin Island. Initially, measurements were made at Cape Aniva and in the depths of Aniva Bay on the western and eastern coasts (near Novikovo and Kirillovo), and since 2011 the work is also being conducted in the area of Cape Svobodny.

    SRBA MR FEB RAS first registered abnormally large waves in the Sea of Okhotsk, the so-called killer waves.

  3. Numerical modeling of coastal wave dynamics and coastal engineering Our group works with codes for calculating wave characteristics, changing the shoreline, the movement of bottom sediments. Calibrated numerical models allow you to correctly approach the design issue and see how the situation changes during the operation of the facility.

The composition of the laboratory:

Zaicev A., Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences Head of Laboratory
SHustin V. Senior Researcher
Koritko A. Leading electronic engineer
Moskvitin A. Leading Constructor Engineer
Kostenko I., Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences Researcher
Pelinovskiy E., Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences Researcher
Shamiev V. technician
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