Head of the Laboratory – Candidate of Technical Sciences Alexander Evgenievich VOLKOV

The laboratory of navigation and geodetic support of hydroacoustic monitoring equipment (NGSHME) was established in 2015 and is the youngest structural subdivision of SDB MRAT FEB RAS. The need to create a laboratory for NGSHME was caused by a significant increase in the volume and direction of scientific and technical activities carried out by SDB MRAT. The laboratory is focused on carrying out scientific research in the field of navigation and geodesy, solving applied technical problems in the development of experimental models of marine equipment, navigational and geodetic support for full-scale marine tests of equipment samples, hydroacoustic and hydrophysical monitoring.

Monitoring in the conduct of marine full-scale tests is to determine the coordinates of the tested surface and underwater technical facilities, as well as to observe and document the hydrophysical state of the sea surface. The task is solved using a set of software and hardware, including: a high-resolution mobile radar with an electronic mapping module, GNSS systems, a long-base sonar navigation system, an ADCP flow parameter determination system, a multi-beam bathymetric imaging system, software for data collection, processing and presentation.