Head of Laboratory – KIM Men Seb

The laboratory develops information-measuring part of marine autonomous, bottom, cable, towed and self-propelled remote-controlled measuring systems and systems, which provides measurement, accumulation, primary processing and transmission of parameters of the aquatic environment through radio- and hydroacoustic channels.

Instruments and measuring complexes, united in a single network, provide multi-parameter dynamic control of the water environment, which is very important in solving problems of environmental monitoring, experimental studies of wave processes in the coastal zone and the high seas.

One of the promising areas of activity was the development of an ultra-small autonomous remote-controlled ship of increased stability for engineering surveys and ecological monitoring of shallow marine water areas and river mouths.

The creation of naval equipment for scientific research presupposes the experimental development of constructive and algorithmic solutions in the real conditions of its application, i.e. in the conditions of marine expedition work in the open sea and in conditions of marine testing areas adjacent to the hospitals of SDB MRAT “Lake Ptichye” on the island of Sakhalin and settlement Rybaki on the island of Iturup.