Scientific and technical developments of the laboratory of hydrophysics were obtained on the basis of studies conducted at the experimental acoustic marine testing range, equipped in the Sea of Okhotsk. A range of fundamental and applied research and testing of marine instruments, created in SDB MRAT, is conducted at the testing range.

The main directions of research in the laboratory:

  • Study of the regularities of the propagation of acoustic waves in an extended channel with variable characteristics of the medium and boundaries;
  • Investigations of regularities in the formation of the spatial amplitude-phase structure of an acoustic field in an extended oceanic channel of propagation of acoustic waves;
  • Studies on the development of a low-frequency, translucent, remote-sonar method;
  • Studies of the characteristics of hydrophysical and geophysical (mainly seismic) fields, as well as their seasonal and space-time dynamics;
  • Tests of the developed radio-hydroacoustic complexes.