Head of the Laboratory – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Andrei Ivanovich Zaitsev.

In the laboratory for a number of years, studies of wind waves, tsunamis, storm surges, abnormally large waves and other marine natural phenomena of a catastrophic nature have been carried out using computational and laboratory experiments, in-situ measurements in the coastal zone.

Since 2009, the Special Design Bureau for Marine Research Automation Tools of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences has been carrying out continuous measurements of sea level fluctuations off the southern shores of Sakhalin Island. The measurements of wind waves in the Aniva Bay are being conducted. In 2011, observation points were organized in the area of Cape Svobodny (Mordvinova Bay). As a result of the work, instrumental data on the existence of anomalous waves (killer waves) in the Sea of Okhotsk were obtained for the first time.

To carry out numerical modeling of the propagation of long waves, with the participation of SDB MRAT, the international program code NAMI-DANCE, recommended by UNESCO for calculating tsunami waves, was developed.

With the help of this complex, using the parameters of the earthquake, it is possible to calculate the initial wave that occurs after the underwater earthquake, to estimate the features of waves propagation along the water area and their reflections from the continents and large islands, calculate the time and velocity of propagation, and the wave height when approaching the coast.