Laboratory of Computational Hydromechanics and Oceanography of SDB MRAT FEB RAS

The laboratory has been conducting studies of wind waves, tsunamis, storm surges, abnormally large waves, and other natural disasters of the sea through computational and laboratory experiments, and field measurements in the coastal zone over a number of years.

Laboratory of Hydrophysics

Scientific and technical development of the laboratory of hydrophysics obtained on the basis of research conducted on the experimental acoustic marine test site, equipped in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. A range of basic and applied research and testing of marine instrumentation tools created at SDB MRAT is being conducted at the test site.

Laboratory of navigation and geodetic support of hydroacoustic monitoring equipment

The laboratory is focused on conducting scientific research in the field of navigation and geodesy, solving applied technical problems when creating experimental samples of marine technology, on conducting navigation and geodesic support for full-scale marine testing of equipment, hydroacoustic and hydrophysical monitoring.

Laboratory of Information Measuring Systems

The laboratory develops an information-measuring part of marine autonomous, bottom, cable, towed and self-propelled remote-controlled measuring systems and systems, which provides measurement, accumulation, primary processing and transmission of parameters of the aquatic environment through radio or sonar channels.