To strengthen the status of the USSR as a naval power in the Far Eastern region and to provide the Navy and scientific divisions of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR with the necessary up-to-date equipment, on March 23, 1978, the USSR Academy of Sciences ordered the organization in Yuzhno- Sakhalinsk of the Special Design Office for Automation of Marine Research The SKB base for marine seismoacoustic equipment and the Department of Hydroacoustics of the Sakhalin Integrated Research Institute of the Far Eastern Scientific Center of the Academy at (Currently the Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences).

Engineering building and experimental production building of SRBA MR FEB RAS 1980

The tasks of SRBA MR included research, development, production and introduction into practice of special equipment and equipment for conducting a wide range of scientific works in the World Ocean. As the main, the following directions were defined:

  • Development of deep-sea bottom automated stations operating in a long-term autonomous mode for carrying out acoustic, hydrophysical and seismic studies in any areas of the World Ocean.
  • Development of automated systems – groups of spatially-separated synchronously operating DASs for testing hydroacoustic interferometry methods for solving problems of ocean diagnostics and dynamic parameters of the aquatic environment.
  • Development of cable multiparameter bottom stations for year-round studies of the stability of the propagation of sonar signals depending on internal waves, tidal currents, seasonal conditions, underwater turbulence, surface waves, ice conditions and noises of technogenic origin (noises of surface and submarine ships and ships).
  • Creation of towed automated systems for hydrochemical measurements (potassium-40, sodium-24) of radionuclides.
  • Development of cable underwater facilities and coastal processing points for detection by hydrophysical harbingers of destructive tsunami waves with the purpose of early warning of the danger of residents of coastal settlements, ships in ports to exclude possible damage to the national economy of the Far East.
  • Development and manufacturing of a group of deep-water stations for fixing earthquakes in seismically active marine areas of the Far East and recording unauthorized nuclear explosions.
  • Creation of technical facilities for the organization of a hydroacoustic track with a length of 340 km (Sakhalin Island – Iturup Island), at which the hydroacoustic tomography elements and noises of underwater biological and technical objects should be tested.
  • Development and manufacture of a radiotelemetric system consisting of surface beacons and ship receiving and recording equipment for studying the seabed by the correlation method of refracted waves.

The founder of SRBA MR and its first chief – the chief designer, the candidate of technical sciences Yury Belavin made a huge contribution to the organization, construction, equipping of the engineering and laboratory building and experimental production with multifunctional scientific equipment, computer technology, modern machine tools and the latest technologies.

Founder of SRBA MR Yu.S. Belavin and Academician A.P. Alexandrov

The equipment of the experimental production of SRBA MR was carried out using the newest technological base and advanced equipment of those years. The task of SRBA MR was to provide a full cycle of work from scientific developments to the experimental operation of new autonomous measuring equipment.

SRBA MR was equipped with the latest equipment for its time

In addition to the production base, much attention was paid to the selection of qualified specialists, engineers, technical workers. The SRBA MR received a great deal of support from the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in the person of the President of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Academician A.P. Aleksandrov and a number of leading academics: M.V. Keldysh, E.P. Velikhova, Yu.B. Khariton, L.M. Brekhovskikh, A.V. Gaponov-Grekhova, V.I. Ilyichev, V.A. Kotelnikova, G.I. Marchuk, N.I. Shilo.

Academician A.P. Alexandrov


L.M. Brekhovskih

Academician A.V. Gaponov-Grehov Academician M.V. Keldysh
Academician G.I. Marchuk Academician V.I. Illichev