Experimental and experimental production has in its composition the following areas:

  • Section of galvanic coatings of large-sized parts on the basis of technology of microarc oxidation;
  • Bench equipment for testing sensors and structural elements for hydrostatic pressure;
  • Climatic tests;
  • Screw-cutting lathe machine tools;
  • Milling-grooving machine tools;
  • Grinding site;
  • Blank plot.

Experimental and experimental production of SRBA of MR performs work on the production of models and prototypes of products in the implementation of research and development.

Installation of automated calibration of hydrophones (UAGG) (in the frequency range 0.5-3000 Hz): Milling 3D machine with digital control:


Thermostat calibration (accuracy 0.01 degree Celsius):


Experimental production workshops, most of which are unique in the Far East: