К.Я. Молчанов
MOLCHANOV Konstantin Yakovlevich
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

   The objectives of the development of marine robotics and instrument engineering for the study of the world’s oceans are based on the results of fundamental and applied scientific research carried out by the SDB MRAT FEB RAS. High-tech services and equipment for the study of the World Ocean are created as a result of independent and complex projects implemented in cooperation with Russian and foreign partners, research projects and programs. The implementation of basic research in the framework of the state task is based on the program-target approach and on the advanced planning of research.

   The material and technical base, the laboratory and test complex of the design bureau, its own pilot production, the network of hospitals in the islands of the Sakhalin region and representative offices in leading Russian centers of marine science (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok) —all this is the basis for the further development of SDB MRAT FEB RAS, for the creation of an advanced Russian center for the study of the World Ocean in the Russian Far East.