The Special Research Bureau for Automation of Marine Researches, Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (SRBA of MR FEB of RAS) was established on July 1, 1978 as SRBA of MR AN USSR on the basis of the existing SCB marine seismoacoustic equipment and the hydroacoustics department of the Sakhalin Integrated Research Institute (now renamed Institute Marine geology and geophysics FEB of RAS). A huge contribution to the organization, construction, equipping with scientific equipment and modern technologies for pilot production, was made by the first chief – chief designer Yuri Sergeevich Belavin, based on well-known scientists – hydroacoustics: V.A. Apanasenko, Yu.S. Shumilova, B.F. Kuryanova et al.

At present, SRBA of MR FEB of RAS includes scientific and design departments, experimental production facilities, and hydrophysical hospitals on the coast of Iturup Island. This allows us to carry out a full range of exploratory research and development work, including the production and testing of new samples of special marine equipment and automated systems for collecting telemetric information about the state of the sea and the atmosphere.

The main goal of SCB ATMR is to carry out scientific research and design work in the field of marine instrumentation for the economic development of the country and study of the ocean.

The main scientific directions of SRBA of MR are:

  • Fundamental and applied scientific research in the field of oceanology;
  • The study of hydroacoustic, hydrophysical and hydrodynamic processes, the interaction of the atmosphere and the ocean, hazardous marine phenomena and the safety of navigation.